forgotten fields

She says I am not calling her or picking up her calls. She says I have forgotten possibly everything that existed in those fields. But at the same time she says I am a free spirit and I should learn how not to take it to the heart.
It's like barren, deserted, and why shouldn't I forget it since it was only been there for a month. As I traveled from thousand of fields and fields and never stayed clam in one. I stumbled around like a hurricane and wind and taking forms of air and breeze
How can I remember every field that I have crossed? It's like remembering every unique day of your life.
How can I remember them when I can't remember my mom's face but only her voice through the phone calls
How can I remember my dad's love when the only thing that I hear is his talks through the calls.
How can I remember when I was meant to store everything in my arms but not in my head.
How can I remember when I was meant to be free with everything from every memory.
Forgotten fields I titled it. So that I can remember about the things that I hardly keep in brain.