To the one who gave up

Thanks for giving up on me and making me look like an idiot.
Thanks for not sticking to your word.
Thanks for acting like "you are my best friend" to "it was kinda your fault"
Thanks for talking about people behind their back
and when I finally stood up thanks for not standing up for me.

Thanks for being my 2020 life lesson!
My dad was right. My friends come and go.
Thanks for making me realize that I need to pull my hard up.

So now since I am making you leave for right now,
I'll make sure to leave the door maybe after a week.
So, you just stop by and say "Hi" because after this I am not coming out for you.
I am not standing up for you.
I am not gonna be your sidekick anymore.
I am not crying for you
and most especially I am not gonna fight for you.

I wish you luck and very best for your future,
I wish you happiness and I also wish you realize that being the "go" of the party
doesn't make you a great friend.

I wish you luck with your wonderful party friends!


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