That bitch deserves hell

Dear, you,

Yes, you, who clicked on my link knowing it was for you. Get one thing straight I hate you from the inner core of my heart. Hate was always been a big word to me and I swear to god I haven't carried so much hate for anyone else in this whole world but you.
I hope you end up getting sleepless nights like me.
I hope you end up with anxiety attacks and panic and screaming and tears drenching your bed.
I wish nothing but all the worst to you.
I wish you could feel how much I trusted you and all you played was your guilt card.
Bitch, please walk towards hell because I am not the only one life your ruined.
You broke many trusts and many hearts.
You broke the people too and made them feel like shit
YOu bitch you you deserve nothing but my hatred and hell
and i hope you face the worst.
My heart is tried of carrying that hatred so stop pretending.
Trust me karma is a bitch and your clock is ticking.
Dying would be too easy so i hope you cry way worst than i did
Dying would be easy so i hope you beg for the forgiveness
Dying would be easy so i hope you manipulative bitch could feel your skin peeling inch by inch.

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