the happy sad reality of being 21

Let me tell you about turning 21 and finally being legal.
Let's start with the sad note so I can end up happy because it's middle of the night and I don't want my sadness to be so overwhelming that I lose sleep.

The sad part is:
that you have to make your choices by yourself now. Your mom and dad will be there to suggest you but you have to make a choice whether bad or too bad.
that you'll sometimes forget what love really looks like because you have come across with so many guys and at one tipping point you'll be like "well, fuck that shit. I ain't wasting my time with him"
that your bills piles up! from your cell phone bills, car insurance to some other dumb subscription that you did when you were 20 and forgot about it
that you will come across with anxiety too many times
that somethings will never go the way you wanted it to be
that sometimes your teenage stubbornness leads be overwhelming your heart
that sometimes some memories are gonna trigger you like a real motherfucker costing you 9 hours of goodnight sleep
that teenage love stories just cringe you out
that parties don't really make you happy now
that sometimes being sad is all you can do

now let's do the happy part
the happy part is:
that you can order your own drink and don't have to wait for fake id
that it just feels right to drink on a Monday night
that coffee becomes your best friend the next morning and everything goes just perfectly fine
that you fall in love again and again and again but your heart will know when he is not the one
that your room will look a lot more messier than before
that your shopping list kind of decreases
that you discover new things about yourself
that you just become whole another level of dare devil and jump in for things that sounded dumb before
that skinny dipping is not a big deal now
that quality time with friends make you more happy now

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