Let me tell you a story

Let me tell you a story...
a story of guilt and regret
a story of tiredness engulfing the entire world
a story of how we never accept and always ignore...

We ignore that we have feelings for someone
because we don't wanna be cliche base romance person seeing a future with them
because we are too scared to get hurt again
we ignore that we are just not in the right mind
because we are born perfectly fine and want everything to go our way.
because we grew up and made up our mind like a software coding, expecting to run smoothly
we ignore that we are irritated
irritated with our long nails clicking the keyboard and not typing smoothly
irritated that people are sometimes greedy and they can go to any extent to fill up their tummy
we ignore that we are anxious about all the things
all the things we meant to be doing
all those checkboxes that are left unchecked
we sometimes even ignore that we are overthinking
thinking about what will be behind the black door instead of actually walking up to it.

Well let me tell you one thing more
all we do is
cover it with lies and boundaries and some more sugar coat of rainbows
pretending to the world we are fine, happy, jolly unicorns

So let me tell you a story again...
a story of honor and satisfaction
a story of nature's blessings
a story of how we later find acceptance

Let me tell you a story of romance novels
that romance novels are a huge hit because they have heartaches but they find their happy place with each other
Well, do you remember 'The Notebook'? Well, if you do then you do remember Noah and Allie didn't even try to understand each other. Allie's mom did come in between but Noah still built the dream house that he imagined. Worked his heart out and late in the movie he does finds Allie. Who late grew old together, had a great family and died on the same bed... together...
When I hear people say they haven't been hurt I sigh because they haven't loved someone so truly yet.

Let me tell you a story
a story that on a daily basis Instagram and Facebook always change their coding for better performance. Let me tell you a story that nothing lasts forever.

Let me tell you a story
that who knows some people never have been able to get what they want and when they finally get it they don't want to lose it. Do you remember the movie 'Time' by Justin Timberlake? Will Salas wasn't greedy of time he just wanted a new change, he just didn't want anyone else to die again just like his other who died due to lack of time.

Let me tell you a story
that not all bucket list is meant about check-marks. Most of them are meant to be about experiences and how they made us feel at that moment. Some are just meant to be felt in the moment because no matter how many journals you write you can never record the exact feeling, can you?

Let me tell you a story
In your case, the Black Door hasn't even arrived yet. It will arrive when it has too but since it hasn't why are thinking about all those what-ifs? Has it done anyone any good I don't think so? If you have read ' The Monk who sold his Ferrari' by Robin  Sharma then you might know what am I talking about.

Let me tell you that
we ignore the fact that we are humans, not machine
we are human who goes through thousands of emotions
and yet we try to fix ourselves like a machine
as if you gonna touch that heart and you'll stop overreacting
as if you gonna move that brain and fix some wires and it's gonna resume your brain where you left
as if you gonna move those muscles put some oil in it and it's gonna go to the work mode.

Let me tell you the reality now
It's ok, to not feel okay.
After all, babies don't fake smile when they hurt. They accept it, they cry out loud and after some time, they move on. 

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