Five Feet Apart

I am a hopeless romantic. Such a hopeless romantic who will love some cup of tea or wine and a hopelessly romantic movie. I haven't really got a chance to read cliche romance novels for a long time and now when I finally picked Five Feet Apart, I was whipped boy! So I have collected all my favorite quotes from Five Feet Apart below. I hope I get a guy like Will lol.

What would I do without you
You'd die.
 I wonder what it would be like to have somebody look at me like that.
People are always looking at my cannula, my sears, my G-tube not at me.

Life, Death, and Immortality:
 The Journey of the Soul.
But it's his smile that catches my eye
 more than anything else.
And here I thought this was gonna be another lame hospital
filled with lame sickies.
But then you show up. 
Lucky me!
My heart thumps loudly in my chest at his words,
 and the warm way he's looking at me.
For the first time I feel the weight of every single inch,
every millimeter, of the six feet between us.
I pull my sweatshirt closer to the body...
trying to ignore the fact that open space?
It will always be there. 
You are a dying girl with survivor's guilt.

I'm doing the one thing I've told myself this whole time
I wouldn't do.
I'm wanting something I can never have. 
I quickly step all the way back to the far wall,
 putting the six frustrating feet between us.
His voice is deep soft.
I know in that moment,
even though it could not be more ridiculous,
that if I die in there, i won't die without falling in love.
I could hurt Stella.
I knew it, I guess. 
But I didn't really see it.
The thought of that makes every bone in my body ache.
I know what it's like to have fear.
But the fear didn't stop the scary shit from happening.
I know in that moment that
 this "little thing" between us isn't over. 
It's just starting.
There has to be a way.
There is a way.
I just need to figure it out.

I've looked down at the world below and experienced this same feeling at every single one. 
Longing to be walking through the streets or swimming in the ocean or living life in a way I've never really gotten the chance to wanting something that I wouldn't have. 
But now what I want isn't outside. It's right here close enough to reach.
But I can't. 

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