Just another drunk call

Dear K,

Yesterday night is blurred but
I realized how fucked up I was after I saw my cell phone this morning with 1001 notifications. Holy Crap!
That included Instagram comments and likes and all the drunk texts that were replied. 
I can’t imagine I just did whatever you said. 
Girl! You make me do things that I won’t even do in this lifetime. 
You take out the strong version me, who is just invincible.

The version who thinks that the world is in her hands and nobody can beat her.
The version who knows she ain't dealing with small weiners 
The version who looks for your 'yes' and just shoots for it without thinking the 'how.'
I wonder how many times I asked you whether I should do this or that or not. But I guess your single yes from seven seas across was enough to spark the fire.

I love you but at the same time, I hate you.

Love S.

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