You are a Badass: How to stop doubting our greatness and start living an awesome life

When it comes to reading books, I can freaking dive in the pool of books and read all my life. But when I say books, I meant fiction and poetry. Reading self-growth, personal development book was always a struggle until now. I started off with gratitude diaries, big magic and a lot of books but after a week of reading few pages I just gave up reading on it because it was too much of reality that I was not ready to face. So, I started off with Jen Sincero’s You are a badass because it is New York Times Bestseller and it must be a bestseller for a reason.

The book reveals the human insecurities step by step just like scrapping off the wound slowly and calmly instead of attacking like, “There you go lazy fucker. That’s reality.” She slowly starts off with our unconscious mind, our beliefs and the result of those in our reality. The reader gets a step by step procedure on how to truly be a badass just like a step by step procedure on how to be a surgeon.
Jen starts the book with a genuine message to be an open-minded throughout the chapters and slowly started her pages with how we became the way we are right now. It’s crazy how we were raised and who did we surround ourselves as a child affects so much right now. How the words we use have made our subconscious memory feel the same way. In the chapter ‘Love the one you is’ Jen suggests to start the day by replacing the words such as, instead of using “I am sorry. I am stupid sometimes” Which I always say to “I’m just a little bunny figuring out my way.” This not only helps us to understand ourselves in a positive way but also helps us to free from all the crazy drama and reality that we think is true.

Usually, I finish reading fiction in a day or two. Thought it will be a battle between me and Jen but turns out I finish reading it in 2 weeks. Jen mentions in a chapter named ‘What are you doing here?’ How our mind and action never go together. How we spend hours and hours just thinking about our future/plans and goals, but we do nothing towards it at all, not even a single step of movement or not even a single inch! Right after I read the line which said, “JUST do something already… get out of your head and take action.” So, I engraved this line in my head because I have just been THINKING to try leaders are readers competition but all I did was think and made a list of 80 plus books that I wanna read but never even turned a page of one. So, instead of trying to finish something, I tried to enjoy the process and do something that I learned from the few pages that I read in a day. Every day a few pages and those few pages later turned into some more and more and tada! I finished the book but along with it, some of her lines became my blog prompts and furthermore my blog posts too.

In the chapter ‘The Drama of Overwhelm,’ she gives her readers all the areas where she gave up because of trouble, which most of it never happened. The trouble never existed but in the brain. All those ‘what ifs,’ where we love to waste our time thinking and thinking for hours and hours. The ‘what ifs’ which puts a full-stop before we even start a letter. I connected her words with my past. There was a time when I wanted to write a blog, share people my feelings through the lens of poetry and other forms as creativeness and earn from it but before I even started I thought about it in the bigger picture. What if I get hate comments all over my blog? What if other bloggers criticize me and don’t read my blog? What if my website is hacked and my content is lost? What if my American friends think of me as an idiot hormonal person seeking attention? The bigger chunk was more overwhelming than I thought. Jen gives a Reality Check to Do List which was really handy. The first on the checklist was “What needs to be done right now?” My answer was simple: Start a website and WRITE. This kind of goes along with JUST do something already that I mentioned above.

Jen supports her words with various real-life examples such as Henry Ford and the manufacturing of six cylinders' car. This not only taught me about believing but also clarified the difference between Signing Up and Committing. It’s crazy how Henry Ford gave his engineers to make some six-cylinder kind of machine, which Jen kinda skips through its description saying that it was something that has never been done. The world’s smartest engineer’s reaction was the most pessimistic one and they said that it was impossible. Ford without another thought ordered them to make it no matter what. After a long time of not being able to manufacture it, the engineers came back and said, “It’s impossible.” Henry Ford again sticking to the ground replied them to not to show their face until they make it. After long years, the engineers made it. The made the same thing that they once said was impossible. Here Jen drew the line of committing and signing up. She said signing up is saying yes to a job but committing is sticking to it even when things get hard and you lose the sight of your goal. In all this story, she also mentioned the strong water-tight belief of Ford, who stood by his decision no matter what.

Jen also talks about our perception of money which took me off guard. I have always been taught that thinking about money is greedy and a very shameful thing but here Jen mentions Money as our new best friend and it is an energy. She mentions her dilemma of whether she should buy Honda CRV or Audi Q5 (the expensive one). She tests drive Honda CRV tenth time convincing herself that this is the car she wants because she thought she couldn’t afford Audi Q5. She would only spend that huge amount if she had any kind of health problems like heart disease and such. In short, she can’t afford it. After all this dilemma, she finally decided to buy the Audi along with it, she also decided to get over her shit and be the kind of person who can make such kind of money to buy such kind of car.

Therefore, I have been focusing on my word choice because I know now that words either make you or break you. So, instead of pulling oneself down saying that I am lost or stupid or dumb or monster, I’ll choose the words such as I am just figuring out my way to a better world, I am just working on my best version.

Along with it, instead of thinking the bigger picture engraved the sentence “Just Do It Already” in my brain. Every time I think of all those big chunks of reality and think of ‘what if,’ I have made a list of questions as self-talk so that way I can help myself figure out an answer. The questions are: What needs to be done right now? What can wait? What is your first step? Just do it Already!

To be like a millionaire, you have to think like a millionaire. When it comes to money and my dad, I have always said to my close friends that I am not rich, but my dad is; I don’t have money, but my dad has and so on. This also goes along with choosing the best word for yourself. So, instead of feeling sorry for my broke ass. I have chosen to write some affirmations about money such as I am grateful for money for helping me pay my rent, I am thankful for money for helping me buy my groceries, I am grateful because money is always flowing in my bank account and so on. A suggestion that stood out to me from Jen was setting a margin in a checking account and never go less than that, and if by any chance I am about to be on the margin, do anything to pull up.


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