When your heart is a gypsy

My best friend has been requesting me to write something about returning home, something about what has changed, something about the wind and the weather, and whether I'll stay at home and still miss it or not. I guess the answer lies in my gypsy heart who calls home to the known faces and carefree life, where home means no rules and restrictions but just me and my cup of coffee, no babblings but just scheduled plan with friends, a little bit of busy life but smile at the end of the night.

Dear K,

There are some things I am lucky for but there are some things that I wish I didn't have. My wishes have all always been granted like a fairy tale movie form the big Barbie house to Abroad Study. I thought maybe I am grown up now, maybe I'll get a little freedom but guess I was wrong. In exchange for all the goods and fancy gifts, somewhere my life was being controlled, somewhere there was a gap between my inside world and outside, somewhere I was always being stopped again and again.
I wish I could soothe your ears with lovely stories of being back home but it's just a mixture of everything right now. Maybe I just took too much of emotional dose today or maybe I'll be alright tomorrow when I have a good sleep and back to the states.
Right now it's just too vague.


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