You are a Badass: How to stop doubting our greatness and start living an awesome life

When it comes to reading books, I can freaking dive in the pool of books and read all my life. But when I say books, I meant fiction and poetry. Reading self-growth, personal development book was always a struggle until now. I started off with gratitude diaries, big magic and a lot of books but after a week of reading few pages I just gave up reading on it because it was too much of reality that I was not ready to face. So, I started off with Jen Sincero’s You are a badass because it is New York Times Bestseller and it must be a bestseller for a reason.

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order here for a friend, I shall give you a hot latte, my company, and a long talk while we gaze at the stars
order here for adventure, I shall hand you my extra pair of hiking shoes and boots
order here for memories I shall give you bottles of beer and take you to various different locations, where you would love to get lost
order here for family, I shall take you to my mom where she will treat you like a child.
order here for love, and I shall give you my best poetry books to read
order here for hatred, and I shall give you my stories of heartaches and pain
after all, these, if you are still hungry I shall give you

When your heart is a gypsy

My best friend has been requesting me to write something about returning home, something about what has changed, something about the wind and the weather, and whether I'll stay at home and still miss it or not. I guess the answer lies in my gypsy heart who calls home to the known faces and carefree life, where home means no rules and restrictions but just me and my cup of coffee, no babblings but just scheduled plan with friends, a little bit of busy life but smile at the end of the night.

Never Grow Up

Never Grow Up because it's a trap.
because everytime you fall, you gonna fall way harder than the last time.
because you thought life was a straight line, which only had a starting point and the end
but turns out its like a tangled hair which you hadn't comb since the day you existed.
Don't grow up
because even the conditioner, shampoo, hair serum or hair dryer don't make your hair silky and shiny.
Never grow up because you gotta say no or face no or go through lots of no.
because every day there comes the new thing that you thought hardly existed.
because your assignment due dates are important than your birthday
because your holiday becomes just laying on a bed and sipping a tea
because .....
Never grow up because Sun isn't always shiny and the rainbow isn't always colorful.
because your favourite color changes every year.
because your man crush has a crush on someone and tells you about it every night.
because you sometimes wanna talk to your best friend but they are seven seas apart.
because you can break your own wine glasses just
Never grow up because love is just superficial
because everything dies at the end
because you are alone after all
because... ...
Never Grow Up
just never.