2018 was all about: checkmarks

Since we are stepping into 2019. I look back at 2018 and all I could say is, "Dang I lived my dreams." I have a whole list of cities and places and things that I wanted to do and I completed most of it. I lived my resolutions and drank the chills of adventure.

Starting off some of my bucket lists.

Jan 2018
 I entered 2018 traveling to Texas and spending my days with some of my cool friends. I met Nurbu, the coolest photographer and collaborated with him. Do check out his ig @ganjaboy420 or @animoskies. I also catch up with Kapil and our old school gossips and finally I met my best friend CJ after a long time since we came to States.
The city lights at Sundance Square, Dallas Skies and Grapevine Lake just made my heart filled with joy. My aunt became so close to my heart that she cried when she dropped me at the airport.
I know I am intolerable sweet hehe jk.

Summing up Texas

Feb 2018
For the first time I video chatted my new born niece. She is the best thing that has happened to my cousin brother and me. I couldn't be more emotional than to have someone who can finally call me, "Nini."

Picture By: William Wise
March 2018
Major check-mark to New York!!!
I couldn't imagine that one night I got a phone call from my editor asking if I wanna go to New York.
  "Ye.. Yeah...," with a little pause thinking they were kidding with me.
  "Suwe I am serious."
  My heart jumped out of my chest and I replied, "Holy Shit! I am down."
27th Floor
Every year UW Student Media sends the editors to the Student Media Spring Convention and being a writer, one of the editor just passed that great opportunity to me.
I stayed at 27th Floor of Marriott Marique, Times Square. The Times Square city lights were glowing all the time, every time, every time when I opened my eyes and every time I close my eyes.
Not only that in that 5 days stay, I spend most of my day time at the Spring Convention listening to some of the most powerful writers and editors; I spent most of my evening roaming around the
New York and its city lights, from Brooklyn to Hell's Kitchen and everything in between.

April 2018
My first ever Easter with Branding Iron family (i.e. UW Student Media). Along with it, I gladly embraced my New Year's Resolution of being an early bird and going to the gym.

May 2018
I was awarded as UW Student Media Rookie of the year 2018 and as soon as the school ended I left for my first ever summer with Southwestern Advantage Family. Since I didn't have a driving licence I was sitting at the Passenger's seat, resting my butt while Brad was driving the car. I am still grateful for Brad. Traveling through Kansas, Missouri to Tennessee for Sales School and then to West Virginia where I met my amazing Host families, The Curry Family.

June 2018
I also stepped to Pittsburgh for our SW Sunday meeting. During my book-field days, pet one of the craziest Japanese Dog. It was a combination of bear and dog. They were so fluffy!! God damn.
A six year old kid also hid a cat in my book-bag. I was wondering my bag was that heavy and when I checked a big fat cat jumped from my bag. And I also got a penny board while playing Bigger and Better.
What is Bigger and Better?
So we start off with something small and keep on exchanging it with something bigger and better than we had before. I started with a cent. I exchanged that cent with a mom, who gave me a quarter and then exchanged that quarter with another mom that I sat down with, she gave me a hair band and later at the end of the day after a lot of exchanging I ended up with a penny board.

July and August 2018
I lost my cell phone at some point in June and don't have any pictures but I do remember I went for white water rafting in Pennsylvania where i fell off the boat. Yeah drank a lot of H20 in a single day. Visited Kennywood and tried some of the coolest rides, which flipped my heart upside down. Along with it, I freaking skydived with my Boy Gang. Skydive Pennsylvania!
My summer internship was craziest shit that I have ever done. It was way more scary than Skydiving I swear but this summer taught me more life lessons than 20 years of my life.
My dad said that he is glad that I did Southwestern Summer Program, he sees a lady in me rather than a pampered spoiled daughter.
That's my Boy Gang and my tanning too!

September 2018
Back to school!!! Met Anthony McPherson, one of my favorite poet and I performed in-front of him. How cool? I know right.
Joined a Frat. Yeah a frat. It's a coed professional business frat. No it's not a sorority.

October 2018
Got a little bit in trouble here and there but never forgot to drink wine with Annika and Abby every Wednesday, some of the Wednesdays were exceptional but we make it out on the following weekend. I love you guys!

November 2018
Got a little hot and your girl collaborated with four clothing brands. Aveal Store, Capitola Watches, Be Just Strong and Beezy Swimwear. 2019 has more honey!!

December 2018
Flew back home and celebrated my 21st on the Airplane. The Qatar Airways staff were so sweet. Every time I checked in they wished me Happy Birthday.
My family surprised me in the middle of the night because they are cool. On top of it, if you are Newar you celebrate your birthday according to tithi as well. Lucky me because December was all about my birthday.

me and my brother laughing at some random shit


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