Chapter 16: Thanksgiving 2k18

Dear Dairy,

A lot has happened over the course of the year. My hair has grown long and shiny. I am no more a tiny starving kid. I hit the gym every fucking morning, I have gained some booty now. My makeup skills aren't perfect but they aren't that bad. Blusher, highlighter and contour kit are kind a friends now. I don't think twice when I speak English. I have become really fluent.

over the course of these years, I have declared my major to Marketing. I felt like business is more my cup of tea and with that I can extend of family's business here in United States.

I spent my spring break in Marriott Marque, NY. The 27th floor and felt like my dreams came true, when I saw those glittery lights of Times Square. I won the award of Rookie of the Year 2018 from UW Student Media.

Spent my summer 2k18 at West Virginia and Pennsylvania, carrying out my own business with crazy book kids of Southwestern Advantage. During three months, I found two group of strangers who impacted my life so much that they turned into a family. First is The Winning Tradition, who helped me throughout the hardships of rejections and taught me how to be patience with myself. The second is Currey Family, my host family over the summer, who made finger licking amazing food and taught me to embrace my mess.

I became an RA of McIntyre Hall and guess what I joined a Fraternity. Yes, it's a Frat. Alpha Kappa Psi, a coed professional fraternity. Became a PR Officer at International Student Association.

And over all these fancy glittery lights, I made some friends, who turned into family. Every Wednesday, I have girls night with Annika and Abby. while others don't even wave hi. I had relatives whom I treated like my first blood back stabbed me while others they freaking invite all the time for dinner.

I lost some and I won some.

And, I am thankful for all each and every moment because without them I wouldn't have been here and yet there is still a long journey to travel.

Thankful for my life.