We were on a SeaSaw

Do you remember the last time
 we were on a see-saw? 
I guess no neither, do I.
Because we never really played a see-saw together.
But now we do.

We are standing on these long plank
fulcrum in between 
Trying to meet each other

But as soon as one of us take the step forward 
We both wobbled
it scared the shit out of us
We were risking our 
friendship, late night talks, daily sarcastic moments
and most especially us

You finally took a step back 
The plank was now still
no faster heart beats
no more fears
no more end to our late night talks

Maybe running would help I thought
but then I ended up
Twisting my muscles 
And you on the other side nearly fell

We are still on the sea saw
Thinking how we can meet
But maybe if we take a step together 
We will stumble a little
Frighten a little
And those little will finally
make us meet just above the fulcrum

Maybe if we reach on the fulcrum
We will be able to touch each other
Hug each other 
And whisper some mantra to each other

And if we end up 
interlocking ourselves in each other arms
We may fall
But we will fall together 
Syncing our fastest heartbeat together 
We may fall 
Deep down on land
But we will fall together

Fall together from a see-saw

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