the itch i refuse to scratch

It cut me deep down, deep down that made my mom wide awake from her sweet dreams and that made her march into my room.
She said I was just lying on the floor full of blood. She said I made her heart beat drum just like in a rock concert. She tried to stop the bleeding from my hand but couldn't. And at the right time came my dad. Then came an ambulance and then the doctors, nurses, medicines and everything which helped me to open my eyes again.
I was lying in the bed staring at the white ceiling. When I felt the warmth of my mom's hand with worried eyes which said before you scratch your past again and again just know that we are here and you are the only one we have.
I felt that guilt in my heart. That guilt which made me lose my breath again but I didn't die. That guilt which made me angry again. That guilt which made me think about what was in front of me rather than what I had.

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