Dear Somebody,

I hope you bump into this post of mine and know that you made a mistake by being my friend.
You made a mistake by helping me in every worst day and showed me hope that you will still exist in the coming dark days as well.
You made a mistake by touching my heart and kissing my soul with your deliciously sweet words.
You made a mistake by saying that we will someday be goals.
You made a mistake by existing in my life.



You are nowhere to be found.
You are lost in arranging your chaos world.
You are lost in your love life, which I was unknown of.
You are lost filling the same words in her soul, which was once filled in mine.

Dear Somebody, It was not only your mistake but mine as well.
I took it too seriously. Too seriously to be mistaken.
Too seriously to ever find me.
Too seriously to ever erase you from the soft corner of my mind.
because it is all messed up now and all I know is..... It is slipping away from the cage of my fingers.
And too seriously that now I regret.

Regret that I let you in.
Regret that I let you touch me.
Regret that I dreamt of you with me.

I regret that I just keep missing you. And regret that I met you in the first place.
Placed you in the first seat.
I regret placing my heart on your sleeves and folding it, away from my own reach.

If someday you realize, you made a mistake. I hope you will return a part of me filled with nothing but a word "Goodbye". 


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