RIP was written on her tombstone

RIP was written on everyone's tombstone. Everyone. Every tombstone was filled with a love of grief, tears of grief, heartache of grief and language of grief.
RIP wasn't on her tombstone.

Her tombstone didn't mention me in her life. It only stated 'A loving daughter, sister, friend and a wife' but it didn't say anything about our relationship. Nothing about the first time we met, which was a disaster when she poured all her anger to a total stranger and I was her stranger. Nothing about her apologizes to me and offering me a free coffee for a lifetime in her cafe. Nothing about the talks we shared. Nothing about the nights I asked her out for. Nothing about the kisses. Nothing about our hearts mingling.

After 15 years of spending our time together. I don't know why Karma played a bitch game with me. She was diagnosed with some dreadful disease. I remember slowly and slowly the disease was eating her and killing me. I remember, she forgot the way back to our home and even my favorite dishes. Slowly and slowly her memories were erased as if somebody was erasing their mistakes after writing it down. I remember it shattered my heart in millions of pieces when she walked past me and hugged her ex-boyfriend and asked him who I was. 15 years of togetherness dissolved and I just kept on staring at it. Numb and frozen.
The ways she hugged him made my arms cry and bleed the tears full of blood.

The tombstone was filled with everything except me.

Except for a chapter that we shared for 15 years.

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