Regrets & Boundaries

Last Night was fun.
I remember how I drank all 15 shots of vodka and you giving me company, completing the other 15. With all the liquor filled in our soul, we moved our feet to the dance floor.
Who knew you would have the coolest moves and I would just sway my hips in that flared skirt?
Who knew out of nowhere you will pull me closer?
Maybe the liquor is doing its job.
Oh Yeah!! It is.

It is blending all our emotions together, which isn't meant to be revealed. With more dance moves, more laughs and more giggles, who knew we would come this close to forget that we even have boundaries.

With the little more work of liquor, who knew we will pull each other so close that our lips would start to mingle and complete each other.
Laughing, giggling and completing each other.
Who knew we would end up in the floor unconscious like goofing idiots.

And the next morning we will wake up.
We will make sure to laugh out loud what happened yesterday and make sure to say,"Damn we were so drunk".
The sober reality hits us and our boundaries becomes visible,
that we are meant to be friends but not more than that.
I will pretend like nothing happened, even when things will spiral out of control.
I will regret 'Maybe I should have kissed him a little longer'.
A little longer.

Every Monday mornings we regret and remember our boundaries.
But, every Friday nights we make sure to grab each other.
 make sure to get drunk and high.
 make sure to dance and kiss each other again.
 make sure our weekend is only ours, nobody included.

And, the next Monday morning we make sure to repeat the loop

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