Recycle Organs, Not Just Coke Cans

How do you feel when the first ray of sun makes its way through the curtain and wakes you up?
How do you feel when the first thing you see is the alluring beauty of nature- mysterious, fascinating, powerful and attractive in its own way?
How do you feel when you see your mother's smile, your siblings naughty deeds, your friends mocking laugh and most importantly your wife's/husband's eyes which sings the song of love for you ?

  Do you know what? You never cared until I mentioned it.

You were blessed with eyesight from the really beginning of your life. But, some people unlike you lost their eyesight in some accidents or during harmful chemical usage. Most of them are farmers from the rural area. Those farmers were too busy to fill your stomach that they forgot about themselves and were the victim of blindness. And, still we don't even care.

The Youths of Rotract Club of Bhadgaon, couldn't tolerate this and moved forward for awareness. They organised an Eye Donation event at Bhrikuti Mandap, Kathmmandu on 3rd December.
During the awareness campaign there were many people who were having misconceptions about Eye donation program.
Misconception No.1 : We shouldn't donate eye. We may not go to heaven.
Misconception No.2 : I don't want to donate my eye then and there. I am still young and have my whole future left.

Let me clear this whole misconceptions.

1. Did God ever signed a paper or contract that states "If you donate your eyes. You are not allowed to come in Heaven". Its all superstition. Whether its Kuran or Bible, Tripitaka or Vedas, they all teach us to be selfless and help people till our last breath.

When you sign in for a donation. You will get an id card. When you are on your deathbed, one of your family member who knows about your eye donation card would help the doctors to reach to you. They will perform a surgical operation on the spot which lets your eyes live.

This awareness was a huge success for the Rotract Youths. Approximately, 300 people joined this event. Tho the number is small but atleast in coming future, they will give new life to 300 blinds. You can still be a future eye donor. All you need to do is sign up for eye donation card at Tilganga Eye Hospital, Gaushala.

You are born with an ability to change someone's life. DON'T WASTE IT.


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