My Day Ends With A Smile

You wake up daily in your half sleep, get ready for your work or school. You walk down the same street everyday, you think about your problems or some issues that are eating up your brain. You sit on your table and carry on your work like a robot, neither caring nor feeling about anything that come towards you, But I am a little different.

I wake up daily as well. But  I wake up with a fresh start forgetting everything that happened a year, a month, a week or few days ago. Its like filling a fresh page for a new thrilling, electrifying, hair-raising and stem-winding chapter of my life.

I get ready for work and walk down the same street everyday. But, I keep imagining things. I don't know how much I imagine in a day but if I count I'll leave behind everyone. My imagination even works as a Snapchat filters (esp. face swap, it makes me laugh like I am in Kapil Sharma's Show). Sometimes I work as a graffiti creator and change the whole decent looking street to a thug street.

I catch the Safa Tempo and keep on looking at each and every passengers' face and work as a Detective like Sherlock Holmes. I am a freelancer for everything after all.

And when my destination arrives I don't forget to say Thank You to the driver. Apply it to yourself as well like seriously, you miss them a lot when you have no vehicle at the 11th hour. I can't imagine my life without them.

I head towards the main door and don't forget to put a wide smile and say "Hii!!" to that lonely Guard sitting at his chair. In response I also get a huge smile and "Hi!!". I sit on my chair open up my laptop and along with that I don't forget to tell my whole tragedy of the past day in the humorous way to my Seniors as they are the exciting characters of my chapter.

After the day ends and I head to home sitting on that Nepal Yatayat and again imagining things, sometimes clicking some photographs and sometimes smiling to those lyrics of  typical folk songs (dohori geet with that nosy voice "AAAaaa...").

At the end of the day, I smile at today's chapter and thank god that I am still alive with no harm, not even a scratch to my body. I thank god that I am able to put a smile on people's face.

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