lost at the center of infinity

I am lost
I am lost in the middle of nowhere
I am lost in between my own choices
and most importantly I am losing myself

But right after I lost myself in the center of the crowd
I found him
I found him in middle of somewhere
I found him somewhere in between the earth and sky
I found him
He was there right in front of me when I was losing myself to dreadful past and horrendous future
He was there holding my hand and insisting me to stay in present
He was there when no one believe me
He said he was lost somewhere in the circumference of the crowded circle and then he lost himself at the center of infinity. Just right here.

I asked him how did he find himself
He said a 6 year old with brown eyes came up to me and held my hand just like this and she said This too will pass just stick with me alright.

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