it's Time

Dear Whisper,
It's time to change now
because we no more whisper 
We shout and yell
We laugh and giggle

Dear Fair and Lovely,
It's time to change now
because we don't want to be fair and lovely now
We want to flaunt our different shades of skin
From white to brown to black
We want to be bold and brave

Dear Gender Categories
It's time to change your only male and female check box
to a long line of check box
because sometimes 
we come in mixtures and blends 
sometimes in another body 
Sometimes we feel good to choose a rainbow flag

Dear Society
My scars from acid attack are beautiful for me
I fought against the liquid burning my body
but guess what
it didn't burnt my dreams and soul
so stop saying My Life is Destroyed

It just took a new turn to my dreams.

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