Having a PIZZA With You

Having a Pizza with you 
is like filling my stomach with
thousands of butterflies stuck in mozzarella.

It's like making my stomach
A damn huge base of circus
Where not only butterflies twitter
But the whole god damn zoo

Having a Pizza with you
is like losing control over my brain.
I can't even focus on anything 
except you.

I just wonder what to say
Because my mouth keeps on
Babbling kinds of stuff which I don't even know
Because having a pizza with you
Is being out of normal 

I won't even react if a waiter
 would just pour a hot coffee on me.
I won't even utter a word if a girl
would just stamp on my feet.
My eyes work like a camera lens
focusing only on you.
My veins, nerves, and arteries 
are usually filled with Margherita's
juicy tomato toppings, sliced mozzarella, basil
and that extra Virgin olive oil.

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