Chapter 9 : Free Pizzas | Laughing out Loud


Well, the second day of college was pretty good. Psychology and Creative Writing two of my favorite subjects, what else do I want. Dr. De Young my psychology professor was funny, cracking jokes in the middle of the class. And, talking about creative writing I must say the teacher isn't that good. She seems to be a short temper person.
At the very beginning, while introducing herself, she directly said,"I need respect. I am your teacher I should be respected. And, if you are late then you aren't allowed in the class. You need to explain why are you late and if UW was responsible I need a letter and then only I will allow you. If you miss it, not my fault. And, even if you miss it and e-mail or ask me 'Did we do anything Yesterday?' You won't get any reply or help. Because it is a class and Yes!!! we did something yesterday. " Damn!!that freaked me out. She is so so so strict. I thought creative writing teachers or any English teachers would be friendly and funny but no.

Well, Creative Writing class has 14-16 people and she pointed out everyone to give their introduction and what was the last best thing they read, their expectations from this class. Well, as soon as the introduction started she was all sweet and friendly. Ok!! Maybe she wanted to act seriously so that we don't joke around with her and take her casually. After the 3 guys, it was my turn.
I started with my same old thing,"Hi! My name is Suweeeiii. And the last thing I read was 'No Matter the Wreckage' by Sarah Kay. It is all collection of poems and she never fails to shiver my heart with each word."
My professor was amused and looked at me,"Oh!! I never heard of that writer. I will check it out now because if I hear some of the writers, which I am not familiar with. I just look up to it right away. Well, Thank You." she gave a smile and pointed to a guy sitting beside me to start his introduction.

Wow! That was a sudden change of behavior. And, people were introducing themselves and talking about books and Trust me I haven't heard of any author or books they said. It felt like God Damn I have to catch up with too many books. I need to borrow some books right away from the library because I was literally freaking out from my class.


After the class, I went up to my room to clean it and make my schedule so that I can track every assignment and exams that are near me and prepare it earlier. At 7 in the evening, I was about to text Annika if she wanted to head to Washakie for dinner because I was so god damn hungry. And, before I could text her she texted me saying,"Hi! There is free pizza in the fishbowl. Hurry Up." OK! What?? Free Pizza, who is that generous person. I stepped out of my room and the fishbowl had too many fishes. People were on the couch, on the floor eating pizza and chatting. As soon as I stepped in I grabbed the pizza to fill my hungry tummy. After eating two pizza slices I get to know that a girl from the 8th floor has her birthday and she was giving free pizzas to everyone. God Bless her. I hope she has a long life because she gave me free pizza when I was so hungry. Lol!!I am not that religious. I hope you have a kick-ass year and you survive to the graduation.

Annika was busy taking some cupcakes and I was busy eating pizzas alone. I bugged in the group of three girls munching cheese and pepperoni and saying,"Hi! I am Suweeeiii. My first name is complicated people can't pronounce it. What's yours?" The girl with the pixie haircut wearing a cute hairband and had cute doll face replied,"Oh I am Erica. But, I don't mind if you call me America." With a giggle, a girl with brunette hair said,"I am Ella" and the other one with black rimmed glasses and curly hair replied,"And, I am Hannah". "So, how was your first day?" I asked in order to continue the conversation and reduce all the silent treatments that we usually get when we start our conversation with strangers. They replied they had a great day. And, I replied what happened when I stepped into this global sustainability classes and how my mass media teacher was same as this creative writing teacher. Really very strict.
"Hold on, Does her name starts with M something and has a bob cut". Ok Please don't tell me she is your Mom or Aunt. I don't wanna lose credits in Mass Media or drop a semester. I just gave her a nod and stuffed the left piece in my mouth, with my eyes popped out.
"Oh! Yeah, I find her the same way. She is strict. But, who knows since it was the first day she wanted to take students to take her seriously, maybe". Feeling relieved I just nodded in maybe. I hope my second mass media class is cool."

I mingled with another group of friends which included Laura, Spencer, and Hannah. These people are hilarious. They bring up some silly kinds of stuff to talk about and laugh out loud. I never laughed that hard since past few weeks. We went to each other rooms and Spencer is the nerd who brought CPU to UPS and big huge screen.

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