Chapter 8 : First Day not so good


Early morning my cell phone buzzed and showed me a snap from Shreeya my weirdest cousin giving me a 'best of luck' thing for the first day.

Yeah, the first day of college. I wish I could say my first class i.e. 'Global Sustainability' was cool but the thing is No! It wasn't. It was bad. Everything was flying above my head. People talking about 12 million years ago shits, dinosaurs, soil and other stuff. And, there are lab classes as well and if you fail in the lab no matter how much you score in theory you are dead bro super dead. I mean What?? and lab works were all related to soil. Are you kidding me? No this is so not my cup of tea. It literally freaked me out and I went to meet my Academic Advisor as soon as possible no matter how much I am late for the next class. I registered for an appointment with her since she is only available at 1:30 pm. I headed up to my Mass Media class and trust me the professor isn't so cool. She is cool in a way like electronic devices are allowed in this class but the main part of the pain is: She is super duper strict. At the first class, I am all freaked out and frighten up back to back. Why people Why don't you leave me without any tension?

At noon I went back t my Advisor and thank god she understood my problem. I need to look up for the class which was suitable for me and had no time conflicts. Well, she suggested me to take history but I warned her that History and I are enemies. "Thank God you told me earlier. Now, I can filter and look for some classes in the more specific way", Ann my academic advisor said. But, the problem is the classes where I don't want history they are all full, seems like bad luck is roaming around me. "So, since our options are limited. Are you interested in Entrepreneur and Business in U.S?", she asked. Well, I did think of establishing a start-up business in collaboration with Abani so may be this might help in one way or other. "Ok! I can deal with that", I replied. "But, let me warn you. The Econ: Law and Government has a lot of histories but it is related to entrepreneur. Just try this class and if you don't think you can deal with it. We will figure it out and search for other class or you can have only 13 credits this semester and complete the left ones in the spring semester", she suggested. Cracking my knuckles and calming my heart down I replied,"Yeah! It seems fair". "And, this class is just after 5 mins in Business Building, which is a 10 mins walk. The professor is cool and I think she won't mind if you explain to her that you just signed up for her class 5 mins ago". As soon as I heard that 5 Minutes thing. I packed my stuff, thanked her and ran downstairs making my way to the business building."

The class was in Auditorium of Business Building and I was scared. Since there wasn't any door. I entered the class taking my snail steps, hoping that I won't disturb the class. I peeked a little and saw this huge wide hall, huge projectors just right in front of me and hundred of people with full seats. I took some step and kept my bag in the wooden stand, which was just near me. Since all the seats were occupied I stood up. The auditorium was similar to Senate Hall of the IIS but even the senate hall was much smaller in comparison to it. Really small let's say. The professor was talking about syllabus, routines, and assignments. Ummm.. I was scared but It's better than learning about dinosaurs and soil.

My first day. The day full of freaking out and race car heartbeats.

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