Chapter 7: Movin' In Day


Finally, people are coming in and shifting their truckloads of stuff to their room. It's cool. Most people have brought freezer, microwaves, vacuum cleaner, some computer geeks have even brought their whole printer, scanner, and the whole desktop. Damn!! Movin' In Day.

I feel like finally, I am not in a bad place because finally this '7th floor of Downey Hall' is finally crowded and people bump into each other and say Hi and Hello. A good news is my roommate is here. She is from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Her name is Annika Fox. She is cool and her parents are even cooler. Her mom is an Interior Designer and she decorated our room like a Tumblr and Pinterest rooms. My deserted room is now filled with photographs, plants, wired lights, a cool sound box and lots of notebooks and cute things. What else do I want?

If you talk about me I am messy like a pig. I hope she doesn't get fed up with me.

Well, we had many things in common. We are bookaholics, we love to travel, we die upon Ed Shereen but at the same time don't have a favorite songs or books or authors.


At 6:00 pm all the floor members gathered in the fishbowl for the floor meeting with our RAs and seeing everybody faces I am kind of sure that I might be the only International in this whole floor. I am judging a book by its cover but sorry. Anyway, we played '2 truths and a lie', where people need to tell their name, two truth and a lie and rest of the people just need to guess which one is the lie. I don't remember what people names were or what truth or lie did they said but I am sure that I had fun listening to them. Some people even messed up and spoke all three truths and some ended up with 2 lies instead of one.
In my turn, I told three lies instead of saying 2 truths and a lie. I wanted to see, what people will exactly guess as a lie. So I started," Hi! My name is Suweeeiii. I am from Nepal.
My truths and lies are:- I have been to Everest Base Camp.
                                    - I hate paragliding.
                                    - I love dogs."

As soon as people heard that I am from Nepal. They were sure that I have been to Everest Base Camp. Lol !! people. One of the guys, who was sitting on the sofa said," You love paragliding". To end this. I said," Yeah! I hate paragliding is a lie". "I mean that's so obvious", he added.

But the real truth is:
I have never been to Everest Base Camp.
I have never done paragliding. So I don't know whether I hate it or not.
And, full and final I hate dogs. I mean I don't love any animals until and unless they are small babies.

If you are from 7th floor at Downey and reading this. You guessed it wrong. Bro!!!


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