Chapter 6: Overwhelmed | Square Dancing


Overwhelmed because choosing subjects and registering for classes were a tough job for me. Even though you got into the university, you need to register for classes and when I met my advisor and registered for classes. The classes were all freaking full even the waiting lists were long like the Nile. There were still some classes left but the thing is my MMR and TB report was not updated into my account so yeah I was unable to register for classes. Too many bad lucks. I literally felt like I am going back to Nepal. All this afternoon I kept on over thinking and kept on depressing myself. And for that stress, my academic advisor did everything she could to help me out but no luck.
11:59 pm

After all the overthinking. At noon, Upama messaged me if I wanna go to the Square Dance Party at Quadra Dangle. I wasn't really in the mood but she kept on insisting and I eventually showed up. Guess what? It was the best decision that I have ever made. Because today I had the best night in Laramie even better than the Swing Dancing night. Square Dancing was so fun I won't mind to join some classes or do it every weekend. Square Dancing is more like couple dance but the thing is your couple doesn't stay the same, they change as you dance. Since we were too many people we were divided into groups where each group had four couples arranged in a square, with one couple on each side facing the center. We were taught some basic steps with the beat and I enjoyed it so much. We also did a line dance. Apart from dancing,  I met too many people and danced with almost everyone. I met Alaenna (she is full of energy and fun and she is senior at UW), Josh(he got the best dance moves. Damn!), Caleb(he is the best dance partner though I was way shorter. Let's say half of his height) and all the people from square dancing as well as other exchange students from Britain, Australia, Ecuador and Austria (I don't remember their names tho).

After all the square dancing thing. We head to Chi Alpha house where there were people from the party and well, well, we played some games like Grab the spoon, etc.
I enjoyed this 'Grab the spoon' game: It is a type of card game. It has one less number of the spoon than the number of people. So, if we have 8 people we placed only 7 spoons on the table. You get cards and you need to make the combination of the same card of the four type like example: four aces, four three, four kings, etc then Jackpot!! you grab the spoon. As soon as one grab it then so can other people but if somebody doesn't get one, they end up having a strike. If they have two strikes they end up being out of the game. Crazy!! but the fun is grabbing the spoon.

We began with 13 people. And while playing some hid the spoon under their legs, some under their shirt sleeves and some even under their skirts. Hahahaha!! We even snatched each other just to grab the spoon. And I, I was more focused on grabbing spoon rather than making the combinations. I didn't even have a strike until and unless we were decreased to only two players. Damn!! This game was so fun.

Now, I am exhausted and sleepy.

Good night.

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