Chapter 5: Fun & Fun


Early morning not even 8 o'clock and I am ditched by several people. Well, early morning and I all set to go for orientation which is after four hours so Yes I got early like super duper early. As usual, I am the only one at the fish bowl waiting for other fish. I knocked at one of my floor mate's door to socialize. With my geeky smile, I showed up and said," Hi! Are you going to International Orientation today? It's at noon. Ummm.... Are you from America itself?"
She kept on staring at me and replied,"No! I need to get to the band". Looking at her clock she added,"Right after 2 minutes. I am so sorry for this".

"Oh! It's ok. Nevermind".

I made my way back to the fish bowl and switched on to my laptop and found its power back was only one minute. I should have brought the international converter. I must order one as soon as possible otherwise I am gonna die in this fish bowl, waiting for people. This loneliness feels like hell. I miss Kristina, Asma, Sadikshya, Abani and all the girl hang, who didn't know how to stay quiet.

This is so not cool.


This is the best day of my life since I stepped in America. The International Orientation wasn't that fun but a bit part of it like Scavenger Hunt and Rec Fest was cool. As soon as I entered the Union Ballroom for my orientation. I took the third row where a girl was sitting alone. I started the conversation and so did she. Her name was Leslie and she is from Germany.
 Leslie had the cutest eyes. I thought she was wearing lens but Hell No! Those were her natural eyes. Her eyes were more like doll's eyes. Blue. Not like casual blue but ocean deep blue, blue that makes you shiver, blue that talks about everything without letting the mouth speak. Blue which I haven't notice in my whole life.
A few moments later, a French girl named Sofie joined us. After a few minutes of talk and getting to know each other, we started to show our sarcasm and laughed at silly jokes. I thought wine was more famous in France but the thing is "Cheese is bae" there. Cheese like choco lava cake where the cheese juices would just ooze out, a cheese similar to Tom &Jerry cartoons (yeah with holes) are famous there. And after dinner they usually have cheese. Damn!! Too many cheeses. Her mom is so cool and friendly.

We had dinner around 6:30 pm and at first, there were only we three weirdos giggling about stuff but as the hall started to get full we had 11-12 people at our table. This is so amazing!!
I met people from Vietnam (She is so cute.), Yuka from Japan (We are in the same hall but she is in 4th floor), Nigeria (Two twin sisters and they had the coolest hair. It took them 10 mins to make their hair.), El Salvador, India, etc.
After the dinner, we played the Scavenger Hunt, where we were given a list of places and each group must have 5 people and we need to click a selfie in front of the mentioned buildings. We ran from here and there and roam around the whole campus and took selfies, joked around and made our way back to the Wyoming Union.
After this game, we head towards the Rec Fest, which is a half acre gym hall and has every sport. Since I was familiar with every sport the only new thing I was unfamiliar with was 'The Swing Dance'. Trust me! If you haven't heard about it then you should try it. I can't explain what swing dance is but I must say this is the best dance form in this whole world. We partnered with some random guys and just swayed around.

Now, I am at Downey Hall. It is10:11 pm and I am tired.

Can't write further.
See ya

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