Chapter 4: Only fish in the bowl


I moved in yesterday evening. Thanks to Upama and Shiaz, who helped me out with all these move-in stuff and gave me company. So, basically, I am on the 7th floor of this residence hall and all alone by myself.
Brave Girl!!

Each floor has a lobby, known as Fish Bowl, where people gather to socialize but the sad part is I am the only fish here. Each floor has two RAs (Residence Assistant) our's is Abby and Jen and they are really cool. My RA is really very friendly and never forgets to say hello.

The Wyo One Id is more like a lifeline here. You check in the hall, your room and even the washroom with your Wyo One card. If you lose it, you lose everything.

All day long, I stayed at IT Center, resetting my laptop and completing this AlcoholEdu and Haven. I didn't even show up at Washakie Centre for lunch because I need a company while eating.
I don't think I will have dinner either!!

21 degree Celsius and it's raining here. I don't know why I can't stand in this weather. It's  weird because I am the only one wearing jacket whereas people are in shorts and sleeveless t-shirts. I was killing my time at the lobby when a girl showed up. From the inside of my heart, I was literally praying to god to make her look at me so that I can socialize with her at least. And yes! she looked at me and I waved,"Hi" with a smile like Stich (from Lilo and Stich) showing all my 32 teeth. So, she is a freshman and came all the way from Ghana. We had a talk and then we were sitting at this Fish Bowl of the 7th floor, she was charging her cell phone and I was laying on the couch but due to this Nepal and America time difference, I accidentally fell asleep.

It was 7 in the evening when I woke up and kept on looking here and there. I hope nobody saw me sleeping like a piglet. And then after a few minutes of browsing on the internet. Here came Abby and Jen, they were busy decorating Fishbowl and I was busy asking them lots of questions from college events to east, west, north, and south. So, this fishbowl has a lot of girly touches. Disney's quotes are paste all over the walls and lots of ribbons and bows surround this lobby.

And, just in time, another RA of the 2nd floor arrived. I just met him 10 mins ago and I forgot his name. Sorry!!
So, Yeah we talked about college and stuff and America of course.

To my surprise, there are 4-5 people on this floor and I am the lonely fish in the fishbowl. Seems like I like to socialize more than others.

Well, Well, tomorrow is this orientation day and I hope everything goes well.

Till then Namastey!

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