Chapter 3: Day 5 | Teej Night | Eclipse

After I stepped in LA. I got this 5 hours transit and I made myself busy roaming around the duty-free. While scrolling down the phone and yawning over and over again.  A man in his 40s sat beside me and waved,"Hello". Well, I didn't mind to throw a smile back.
He then started the conversation and to kill my time I joined him. I asked him where was he from and he replied India.

As soon as he said India, I started the conversation in Hindi. Surprised, he looked at me with the big brown eyes and said,"How do you know Hindi?". So, I started explaining him about it. Same old story.

My 5 hours transit went just like that by talking to the man.

Now here comes the real struggle 2 more hours to tolerate from LA to Denver. As soon as I took my seat on the airplane. I closed my eyes and went off to sleep.

Time passed and

Welcome to Denver Honey!

Shreeya picked me up from the airport. I spent the night at Shreeya's and the earliest morning i.e. by 5:30 we made our way to Laramie. All along the ride, she enlightened me about US Culture and what people find offensive here.

Laramie is more like Nepal's Humla and Jumla with a little touch of Pokhara and Mustang. This place is so calm and silent, no crazy car drivers, no unwanted horns and traffics, people are way too friendly here, Thai and Chinese Restaurant is just a few blocks away, some nightclubs, Walmart and Thrift stores. What else do I need?  It is the fourth week of August and the weather is just like Kathmandu during Dashain and Tihar. Cold breeze in the morning, the day is so hot and the evening is windy. People who live here are used to it, even some of my friends who stay here are used to it.
But not me.

We went to this restaurant Prairies' Rose and I could find too many differences between Nepalese and American foods. I ordered Breakfast Burritos and that whole day I didn't eat anything because the burrito was yum and it made my tummy so full (maybe because of all these cheese filled in it).
When they served water. It wasn't just water but overly chilled water with too many ice cubes.
I looked at Upama and Shreeya and said," In such a cold weather you people drink this chilled water".
They laughed and replied," You will get used to it. We used to say the same but as time passed we got used to it and if somebody gives us normal water. It feels like we aren't drinking water".

I spent all these 5 days roaming around with Upama and completing my college stuff.

And, Today!!

21st August. I have never watched solar eclipse that properly as I did today. It wasn't like a perfect solar eclipse but it was 97% to it. I witnessed the brightness/darkness of the sun as if we were adjusting our phone's brightness. It was that perfect eclipse.

Welcome to America Suweksha! You don't know what perfect thing might show up next.

In the evening, we went to a Teej Party here in Laramie. And, I somewhat missed Nepal maybe because of that 'Lok Dohari' and all the Teej songs in which the Ladies were dancing.

So today was a great day and I am feeling so so so sleepy that you can't imagine.

Good Night
See you tomorrow.

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