Chapter 2: Welcome to America

2 hours left to land at LAX. In short, I am already in The USA. So, WELCOME TO AMERICA!!!! (drum rolls).

I am sitting by the window.
Yes!!! because you get to peek outside but at the same time No!! Everytime I go for wash-room it feels like I am troubling the two ladies(Mom and Daughter) sitting beside me. And the two ladies are really friendly and kind. They are so bookaholic and I literally spent my most of the time talking about authors and books and Wattpad. The mom sitting beside me seems to be really cool. She is from India but now living in LA and the coolest part is she is a scientist with a Ph.D., even her husband is a scientist and her daughter is in college majoring in Biology.
Seems like the whole family is going to be a scientist.

While the transit in Abu Dabhi, I was so sleepy that I slept on the chair but a ring from my Uncle who is in Australia woke me up. After a short little conversation, a guy in front of me asked if I was a Nepalese. Oh Yeah !! I am and so was he. You may not know this feeling but talking in Nepali in the foreign country or meeting someone from your own country feels like a boon.
So, to kill the time we talked about college and stuff. He was heading to New Mexico for his Ph.D. in Economics. (Applause)

Like a curious child, I asked him if he ever changed his major. He laughed and said," I have changed my major thrice. First I came here for International Relation, then changed it to Economic, then to Philosophy, then figured out that I don't want philosophy to be my whole life so I changed my major to Mathematics and finally I choose Economics again over everything." That reply made my heart calm. Because I don't know which subject I would like to tolerate and at the same time enjoy and never regret it. He also adds," first two years is for you to find what are you interested in. We left Nepal so that we can have more opportunities and more options so why should we stuck in one and regret our entire life. If you don't feel like it is your cup of tea just keep on switching it until you find the perfect one."

True Shit!!

I hope I find one soon.

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