Chapter 15: End of Semester

Date: Last day of semester 11/11/2017

Well, my first semester at UW was full of ups and downs. Even though I have updated only superficial information and outlines in this diary because of my hectic schedule I have learned truckloads of shit. I met some strangers and made them friends. I went through a lot of troubles and problems, where I felt like giving up but then some showed up and dragged my ass to work again.

I remember how my first day fall semester was awkward and scary but now it has taken a turn and moved up to more friendly and adventurous way.
How scary my creative writing teacher and mass media teacher were scary at first and how they have become my favorites now. How my first interaction with Annika was full of silence and awkward and now she embraces me like her sister. How I and Kaylee had a tiff in South Dakota and how she handles my mess. How calmly Abby and I use to interact but now our conversation must include Bitch and Fuck word. I can't imagine my weekends without Beer, Coffee hours, Parties and Abby's drunkard talks, Kaylee dragging my ass to my room, Annika making sure that I had tons of water and was sound asleep.

I am glad that I am part of UW Branding Iron where not only I learned to write news story but also learned to thrive my wings in different directions. Most importantly survived this semester without any strike. Glad to have Taylor, Bailie, Brad, and Cary for making sure I was working smoothly and taking care of me when I was center of trouble and the whole situation was out of my hands. I am glad that I have great editors like you because I don't know what would I do without you in my life.

Thanks to Ella for making sure I was awake on my 9 am class and asking me if I am Ok whenever I slipped on ice. I can't imagine my snowy morning without you.

These 5 months have taught me to embrace every moment and live my life to fullest. The Nepalese and Indian gang at UW have helped me out with the semester load and never forget to spread some colors in my white snowy life. Your late night drunk talks made me forget my chaos.

Special thanks to the idiots who are in different parts of the world who joined in my hardest time and solved my heartaches through phone calls, text messages and through poemsporn's and thought catalog's caption.

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