Chapter 14: Love is a big word

Date: One of the lazy night in November

"Love is a big word," she said.
She has known me for 6 months now and I see myself in her. I see my insecurities, I see my thoughts rumbling around and I see myself in her.

"Love is a big word," she said turning off the engine and looking at me in the dark cold night.
"Every time I am dating I just feel like I don't love him. He isn't a marriage material," she looked at me and I could see myself in her eyes.
"Yeah! I feel you," I said. "Maybe someday his little actions will hit you hard like an ice in your heart and then you will realize, maybe he is the right one."
"Yeah! I just wanna feel that. I'm just waiting for that moment." she said biting her Taco chicken and filling her empty stomach.
"I don't want to lose my virginity until I meet the right one," she added.
"Me neither."
"You know I just wanna show him how much I love him and that this is the only thing I can give it to him in that moment. I don't care how many girls he has slept with but I wanna stay virgin until the right one shows up."
"I feel you," I replied.

Well the girl is Abby. She is Kaylee's roommate and is in my Econ class. I don't remember if I have introduced her before in early chapters or not. But, all you need to know is she is just like me. We have different cultural backgrounds but the way she has described her family and the way I see my family is similar.

In United States, people lose their virginity in high school and that's normal. But it's not normal to me neither to Abby. Even though she is from United States, she has here own way of dealing with stuff.
I am glad I have found someone with the same thoughts and opinions.

Abby if you are ever reading this. Just know that I will always love you no matter what.


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