Chapter 13: Major and Minor Issues


Dear Diary,

My exams are all done. Mid-semester exam, not the finals people!! That asshole is still left.
But anyway, exams are over I have nothing to do except to write some of my stuff and plan for my Thanksgiving break with Kaylee.
I am excited!!!!!

I am at Starbucks and trying to make my- busy mind- believe that I have to relax but it's too stubborn to believe that I have literally nothing to do this weekend except to party.

After coming to the United States. I learned to handle things differently. Even though no matter how happy I sound. I have some of my own problems of major and minor subject issues. I declared my minor in Creative Writing. Well, I haven't but on Monday that will be the first thing I will do. But, I don't know what should I declare my major in... umm.  English. No! Boy No! I don't want to deal with classic English literature because I have mentioned in the earlier chapters that Shakespeare is not my cup of tea. Medical and Engineering, I don't even want to look at them. I don't even want to hear their name. Being a nerd doesn't mean that I am meant to be with them. I don't really like them and talking about Business. It's a hot guy but I am confused whether it is gonna ditch me in future or not but Creative Writing is Bae. That's all I know.

So, Whatever I am taking a career counseling on Wednesday anyway so taking a chill pill.

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