Chapter 12: Too busy to even breathe

People back in Nepal complains that I don't call them often. I would just make an excuse that I am stuck up with my assignments, projects, and exams. The reality is I don't miss them. Because I don't even have a single minute to miss them.

10:22 AM

My exams are done for this week and as I switch on my cell phone. All the messages from family to friends pop out, making the soothing noise to my ears and a delight to my eyes, saying "Happy Dashain Nanu!!"

I never like being free because it gives me a reason to miss my home and make me feel emotional. That's why I search for something which I can do.

I miss home right now. I was texting my cousin, who is in Wyoming. She was the first one to wish me Happy Dashain in Wyoming. I am craving to wear my Dhaka print kurthi, I am eager to have red tika on my forehead and Jamara behind my ears. I want to play that swing again and again. These all things are possible here. What's not possible is the warmth of Dashain.

4:22 AM

I am lost I guess. I am confused in between time and self-time. I am struggling with my classes and assignments and at the same time, I am enjoying and making memories. In the road of fulfilling everything, I am forgetting to pave a path for myself. Pave path to relax and take a break. Days are going just in a snap. Too fast. I don't know how this 3 months went by but it passed by like a shooting star.

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