Chapter 11: Shakespare is not my cup of coffee


As soon as I feel like everything is in places. Something goes wrong anyway. After filling my tummy with some stuff, I started talking with Annika about our classes and here and there stuffs. She was eating her lunch while I was all done. I was decorating my planner with colorful pens and sticky notes because it makes me feel good and do things in a more proper way. When I turned the pages of my planner and saw Creative Writing Section page which I have marked with a Purple pen I just couldn't believe my eyes then. The Class timing was 1:20 and I turned around to see the clock hanging at my left side, its hands were at 1:30.

"SHIT!!!!", I shouted in horror. As soon as Annika heard that horrible scream from me. She understood what happened and replied,"You know you should go before she doesn't let you in the class". I hurriedly packed all my stuff in the back as if I am missing a train. Well!! Let's say I already missed the train. I grabbed my empty tray and plates, placed it in the washer area in a rush and made my way out of Washakie to Hoyt Hall. One thing I am glad about is: Hoyt Hall is straight from the Washakie, just go straight but the problem is: It will take 10 mins to reach there. So, in order to not to be late anymore. I ran as if a giant beer was after me. I reached the Hall at 1:39 pm.

Tried and out of breath I knocked on the door of my classroom and tried to unlock the door but it didn't open. The door was locked from inside. Shit!! I am doomed even the professor's welcoming speech (note the sarcasm) was roaming around my brain, which raced my heart even more. Suddenly a hope ignited when I heard the unlocking of the door. "I am sorry!  I am late", I shouted as soon as one of the students opened the door. All I could she was long stares from my fellow classmates. I got in and face the professor but the thing is she was smiling. I thought that might be the devil smile, who would say,"Since you are late. Get out of my class" but instead she just asked me to take a seat. "I love you so much. Thank You", I wanted to say these lines but controlled myself because I was in class and it will probably make the situation awkward. I took the last seat in the class and turned on the pages of  'Serious Daring'.

This class was more like Nepal Reads, where you show your opinion on what you disliked and what you liked and what you didn't understand about the piece of writing. As soon as the professor continued to speak, I had this feeling of Deja Vu. I missed my Nepal Reads gang- Biplav, Pradatta and Sampana since the second Nepal Read we people haven't missed one. And well, that's what how we met. I missed how I struggled to facilitate my last Nepal Read where Yukta Di and Nasala Di helped me out and it went smooth.

I miss Nepal Reads and 'These Fine Lines'.

My professor told us to turned the chapter named 'The Drama Bug', we had our self-reading time and it felt like What am I exactly reading? There were some lines from Shakespeare which were flying just above my head. All those uses of 'Thy', 'thou' and etc burned my brain. After the class, I went to my professor and told her that I am having trouble with the Shakespeare quotes and she replied giving her jolly laugh,"Trust me Not even the writer is sure about what the hell he is writing, you are not the only one. And, it is not necessary either". Well, that somewhat comforted my heart but still, I don't get Shakespeare.

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