Chapter 10: Mirror Lake | Big Snowy Mountains


What can be more exciting than going to hiking with three of your truly American Friends?
At sharp 8:00 am I dressed up, packed my stuff and headed to lobby with Annika. That's where we were meeting Clayton and Kaylee. We bumped into Kaylee's car and made our way to Walmart first to grab some foods so that we could avoid our grumpy hungry version. I am so addicted to Walmart's 'Back to school' stationery items because they have cool Pinterest and Tumblr notebooks/journals, color pens, charms, bookmarks and lots of lots of postcards. Though I was there to grab some foods I can't put my hands off from notebooks and sheets so I immediately grabbed one. I don't know what am I going to write on it. There are 7 notebooks, which are shouting at me to write on them but I don't know what to write. So, after this, we grabbed some cookies, mini coconut donuts, raisins covered in yogurt and banana chips.

We rolled down the window and hit the road with Annika's playlists. From Laramie to Centennial, the road was all plane like as if I was traveling from Birgunj to Janakpur, no curvy roads, no mountains, just plain grassy lands with some ranch and lots of cows and other animals. When we reached Centennial, we could see some huge oak trees and it felt like I was in one of the scenes from Twilight. We parked our car near Mirror Lake and headed for the hiking.

First, we went to the other side of the highway and followed the trail, which went beside the bridge. Annika visited here before so we just marched behind her. We followed the trail, taking us to the small lakes where people were busy fishing. The place was so calm and quiet. It felt like I was in a blend of Upper Mustang and Pokhara. There were huge rocks everywhere and many lakes with huge tall trees. After passing the lakes, we crossed another wooden bridge. Here we were in the place of rocks and rocks and only rocks.

Clayton was like a Ben 10's Spider-Monkey. He climbed the rocks and reached the top of the hill without any effort. Seeing the way he climbed it felt like it was easy but it wasn't. I stepped on one rock and I couldn't figure out which rock should I step next. The rocks were so steep that it was difficult for me to balance myself in a place and think at the same time. So, instead of just using my legs I used both my hands and legs and crawled like a baby afraid to climb stairs. I was struggling with two rocks and Kaylee, Annika and Clayton were already at the top, relaxing and inhaling the view. I tried to climb faster like a small baby hanging on every point, struggling to find a stable path and trying reach for a candy. I just can't explain how magnificent the views were. Two hills forming a valley, which was full of high oak trees and when we reached there, we can see the sunlight throwing some orange and yellow color shades just above the tree tops. It felt like as if trees were wearing Miss Nepal's Crowns, bright and full of history.

After enjoying the view for full hours, we made our way to the big snowy mountain trails. On our way to the snowy mountain, there was a big hollow tree just like the Whomping Willow in The Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. The difference was it didn't hit people neither it had large branches, it had a trunk with a hole which was equal to the size of normal people and it was all hollow from inside. Kaylee was so excited that she went inside it and marked it as her Dungeon. Funny!! I don't think she will ever come back to her dungeon again. We headed forward and the path made me feel nostalgic. The paths were so much similar to Nepal's hiking trails but they didn't have small houses with people cooking delicious foods(like Dal, Rice, and Gundruk) in pure ghee. I miss the smell of that purity.

As we were half the way to the mountain. I was so exhausted and out of breath, Annika was out of breath too but Kaylee and Clayton, they weren't even tired. Not even a single drop of sweat was dropped from their face neither they were catching a breath. It felt like they were just walking on the straight path. After resting for like 15 minutes and admiring the views, we continued to finish what we came for. And finally, after another long term of walking and tiring ourselves, we were finally at the top. Clayton being Spider-Monkey again, climbed the top and rested there as if it was his bed. We literally had a heart attack. He was at the edge of the hill and he was trying to reach the top but slipped his one hand. That freaked us out and brought our heart in hands.

We were at 2,645 meters above sea level i.e. 8681 ft. The view from the top of the mountain was so mesmerizing. We can see the open clear sky, no clouds to bug our views, lakes and the wind blowing our each nerve and shaking every cell in our body. It didn't fail to blow the upper surface of the lakes and the water shining and floating to the edge and back to the middle. It was so cool.

Coming down from the mountain wasn't hard but my feet were aching and I almost slipped and rolled down. Almost!! Don't imagine me rolling down like a snow ball. Then we went to the Mirror Lake, which was just below the mountain. Seeing the water I couldn't resist to not play with it and go back to Laramie with dry hands and feet so I opened my shoes and socks and kept them aside. And, from rock to rock I sat on the huge rock and dipped my feet. "THIS WATER IS SO COOOLD", I shouted and pulled my legs back from the water. It felt like I was dipping my legs inside a freezer full of ice. Kaylee, Annika, and Clayton joined me and Clayton being Clayton didn't even dip his feet properly. He just dipped his toes and that was enough whereas we three girls played with water as much as we could.

After a great lot of fun hiking and dipping our feet. We made our way to the car. Pressing the gas, Kaylee asked,"So how about we share our today's mountain, valley, and river". I didn't know what that meant so she explains,"Mountain is your high point of the day, Valley becomes your lower point and river your next thing or destination". Driving the wheel on the highway, she continued,"Ok! I'll start first. So, my mountain is spending time with my new friends, my valley is not getting enough sleep yesterday night and my river is to get an ice cream". "My mountain is as same as Kaylee's, my valley is my sore ankle as I slipped when I stepped on the stone full of algae and my river is to get an ice-cream", said Annika. Clayton started in his Awkward Clayton tone,"My mountain is, of course, being at the top of the cliff, even higher than you people. My valley is those nasty bananas, which started to spoil and my river is going to my dorms to sleep." All of them turned to me and I started,"Well, My mountain is being at the top even though it felt like the wind was going to murder me, my valley is... ummm... I don't know what my valley is? everything went well. But, anyways my river is I am going to write a blog about it. Woohoo!!!".

We made our way to Laramie. But, since Annika's and Kaylee's ice-cream cravings were stronger we stopped at Country Junction for Ice-cream. They had so many varieties of home made ice-cream. I couldn't resist and ordered Mississippi Mud, which is a combination of coffee, chocolate, chocolate chip cookies, vanilla and much more which I can't remember. And trust me my $3 were worth it. It came in such a big cup and it was so yum!! I don't mind going to that place again and trying every ice-cream.

We finished our ice-cream and got inside the car. As soon as we got in the car. We felt so sleepy and tired. Listening to the acoustic music and resting my head at the window pane. I doze off to sleep.

Chapter 10.
10 out of 10.
I made this day count.

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