Chapter 1: Goodbye was easy

So Yeah!! after a lot of family babblings and my mother's speech on

  • How should I take care of myself and the luggage in this whole 36 hours of the journey?
  • How should I not talk to strangers and mind my own business?
  • How often should I callback home?
  • What kinds of people will I bump into?
  • Whom to trust and whom not to?
  • And finally to never get emotionally attached to people, especially guys because she knows very well that I have commitment issues.
I am currently in Abu Dabhi I have 8 hours long transit. I don't know what am I gonna do in this whole 8 hours. If you are thinking how my flight to Abu Dabhi was?
Trust me! It was Yack!! Horrible!!
A family sitting just behind me had a really nagging baby who kept on crying and crying and crying the entire 5 hours flight.
Even though there was a cute little kid just beside me. He didn't make such irritating noise as much as the other child did.
During the flight, the service providers were so rude. They didn't talk that sweetly or in a calm way as other service providers do. They didn't even give me a blanket when I asked for it like thrice. So, instead of going for fourth, I took out 2 jackets from my hand carry. And, it went all the same when I asked them a glass of water.
In short, God really blessed my 5 hours sleep with a lovely kid and great service providers.
P.S. Note the sarcasm.

So, 8 hours transit what am I going to do to kill time?
I am writing as well as helping some Indian and Nepalese to find their way to the right gate. Some people even started the conversation about how I knew Hindi or where am I going and for what reason. So recalling the long lectures from mom I only gave them a superficial answer. I don't think those people will travel to the USA, come find me and hack my computers or steal my passport or worst situation Kill Me!! (Over-acting)

Well, Well, talking about my mom, the surprising thing is neither my mom cried like a Typical Nepali Aama while dropping their child at the airport nor did I. I am neither excited nor sad. I don't have any feelings right now. It feels like I am going back to India and I'll be back after some months or years.
Maybe a month ago as soon as I got my visa, I was so excited to start a new journey and nervous about new stuff but now all the excitement and nervousness has vanished.

Seems like I am gonna grab some sandwiches to silent my growling tummy.

See ya soon.

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