23k Steps

April 25th

I don't think you remember this but I do. About how your company made me walk up to 23,000 steps and made me climb 15 floors. I won't say it didn't hurt but it was worth it. It was worth all the single drop of sweat, all the gallons of water we drank, all the laugh and talks we did.
Do you even remember the feeling we felt when we finally reached our destination... the sight was worth millions of dollar even though we were used to seeing it but after all the 23k steps it felt like we found heaven.
Do you remember the taste of the happiness we felt on our lips and the scary stairs we climbed up?
It was all worth it just 23k steps nothing more.
Just 23k steps.

Now, no matter how far I walk... I far I reach or how many steps I take I am always at the same point it's like I am lost in the center of infinity where nothing exists but the same old loop, same old barren land and the same old clouds and open sky.... nothing more.

I calm my eyes and hearts with the photographs of the heaven the feeling of fresh mint leaves passing by and the feeling of walking and walking and finally learning that we don't want to return back.

Wasn't it worth it?

It was. It was all worth it because the next morning your whole body ache but you didn't complain about how painful was it but you said it was worth it.
Our legs were refusing to walk any other step but the only place we went yesterday.
It was worth it, wasn't it?
all, the sweats, hassle, and everything.

If you ever feel like visiting Bhaktapur. Go for it but before you raise your first step just note that visit Bhaktapur by walking.
Yes, I mean it!

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