to you...

Dear You,
Yes!! You. So, I think I gave you something and you got it. Then this post is surely for you.
I must have given you a diary, which states,"The Adventure Begins" from Bhav store. And, I am glad I gave you that sparing my 100 bucks from my thousand buck salary.

Why I gave you a notebook??

Because in my opinion notebooks keep your memories safe and sound, no matter how old you get. It is one of the things, which can be passed down from generation to generation and the major plus point is, it is authentic and real so nobody could hack it or crack it.
You may not realize the precious feeling of turning the pages. But you will surely get it when you will finish the notebook and ponder upon it.
Trust me and plus it will be the best feeling.

Why "The Adventure Begins"?

Apart from all the coolest notebooks, all over the world, I chose this because I think our life has just started because at the age of 18 we realized we have grown up so fast that we have put a full stop to our school life. And along with it, we also came to realize that now we can choose everything and anything.
At 20, we are realizing that we will get heartaches, heartbreaks, rejections, complications and sometimes we even have to choose between the worst choice and the less worst choice. And the dilemma between the two goes on and on. And when all the hurtful years will pass, we will be able to choose and find happiness between bad and little less bad or little worse. Maybe we will learn to solve our life puzzles with more grace and less sorrow.

Now don't go too sentimental. The adventure really begins because who knows you might get a new idea anywhere at any time, who knows when you end up writing you might make your day count as a worthy one.

So yeah!! Just write it down. Every day even tough it's Saturday or your exams are marching ahead of you. It's not necessary to fill the whole page with words. Just scribble some letters, paste some photographs, some numbers, some names and most of all the blissful memories.

I wish that you don't find your way or path instead you make your own. I hope you make your own, which I know will take some turns, which will be a little curvy, twisted, turned, sometimes circle, sometimes rectangle, sometimes a cross ( like a danger one) or sometimes a cross of wolverine ( like a brave one).

And at the end of the day if you still feel mad and sad that your life is messed up and full of confusion. Be happy because it is interesting than others who have a life like a straight line representing none other than a corpse.

Be proud you have ups and downs because you are ALIVE


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