To my valentine

Dear Valentine,
Thanks for marching into my world and breaking all the walls built around my heart and soul.
Thanks for bringing Spring where only Autumn and Winter existed
Thanks for planting Middlemist Red, Kadapul flower as well as Jade Vine, which made my life a little colorful and a little bright that it never forgot to glow at night.
Thanks for sticking by my side no matter the situation.

Thanks for holding my hand when no one else did.
Thanks for caring about my heart and its emotions and not about my looks or height or weight or my naked body.
Thanks for bringing out the best in me
Thanks for re-inventing those butterflies, which I long ago forgot.
Thanks for making me laugh again and again on your silly jokes.
Thanks for assembling my broken heart pieces and sewing it with your beautiful lines.
Thanks for transporting me to a different place and experiencing Northern Lights, Meteor Shower, Hogwarts's Magic to County Mayo's Shadow Spell with me
Thanks for absorbing my tears of happiness as well as sorrow in your thin pages.
Thanks for making my each and every day

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