the ultimate color

You wore blue deeper than the sea when we met for the first time.
I was in my black talking to one of the clients whereas you,
on the other hand,
were sitting across me holding a cup of latte
a boring white cover book by Gayle Forman.

Wearing Pale the next day spreading the lustful lavender you entered.
Searching for a vacant table your eyes landed on me
asked if you can sit.
 My cheeks turning red
pretending to act cool as sea blue I just nodded.

Writing down some Hi Hello and some compliment in the yellow piece.
I started the conversation.
Taking the piece a smile seek its way up to your peach lips.
Who knew I will someday leave behind the best-seller.

Days passed as if we were flipping the pages
I was finally turning my black into other different colors.

Under the dark clouds and holding a bluish-indigo umbrella,
your hands clutched my dark-blue sleeve t-shirt.
Staring at those hazel eyes and making my step
I tasted the best strawberries in my entire life.

From the mustard morning to the grayish night.
Talking about your Dad's red vintage car to your mom's favorite silver stilettos.
Whispering under the light washed covers to laughing out loud in the colors of happiness.
We found our ways down the aisle.

Your white lace dress just made me numb
splashed the buckets of colors.
The colors of the new adventure.
The colors of strength.
The colors of faith.
The colors of new dreams.
Holding that perfect hourglass of yours I took the step
as I said before I tasted the best strawberries in my entire life.

Handling your period tantrums
which turned my late night working, date canceling, sorry feeling yellow tulips
to sad brown
after offering the same sweet brown dark chocolate
I could finally kiss your brunette hair and say good night.

Relaxing my red fury like waves of anger
helping me to fix the metal door knob.
You turned my frightening dark red to the light red of romance.

Screaming my name at the hospital bed you gave birth to our little monster.
Holding her tiny little body and staring at our love
I promised to handle two-period tantrums together.

But who knew making promises and holding our little one.
You will lose your breath
leave me gray and black once again.

Who knew the different colors will ultimately turn into the white cover book of Gayle Forman's.

She is two now.
She doesn't know what mom's love is.
But, I try to keep my promise to fill your part like you filled mine.
help her fill some indigo, blue, blue-white, yellow, orange, pink, magenta
and every shade of colors
in her life.

And if someday she asks me what is my happy color.
I will definitely say YOU.