The guy in checkered shirt

Day 1

With giggles, laughs, and talks I entered the reception of an Institute. My eyes scanned the reception and it just stopped at you. Yes, YOU!! who was sitting at the extreme corner of the hall, in a checkered shirt with a roughly arranged pompadour hair and a blue colored backpack resting on your lap.
I don't know what came up to my brain, it just supported my heart and made my legs to march towards you.

"Oh my God! What am I doing?" I thought but it was too late. My heart and brain worked together and made me sit across you. "OK! Thanks to my brain and heart this time, who didn't make me sit beside you. It would have been a really awkward situation." You were bored by sitting in the same place for half an hour where as me on the other side of earth was too busy juggling all the emotions. My brain was playing all sorts of songs and my heart, on the other hand, was too busy doing some cool dance moves. And, above all this, I was trying to be normal on the outside.
Then the receptionist calls out your name and there you go making your way to the Dean's Office. My juggling jeopardizes, my brain stops singing songs and my heart pauses like a mannequin. I am hit hard by reality. "Girl wake up from your dream."

Day 2

I marched inside the class half dreaming and dressed like a nerd with a high ponytail, round geeky glasses, a pair of sandals, blue faded jeans, an oversize sweatshirt and a really boring shoulder bag. The class was all full of noise and laughs. I scanned for a vacant seat and here I go at the very first bench where no one can watch me neither can I. Dreaming and wandering, my brain made its way to the romantic novels. The lecturer marches in shattering all the fictional stories with the bundle of notes and assignments, it is going to be a long day I assumed.
You can't imagine 57 minutes 56 seconds was so torturing. As it got over, my eyes were no more sleepy. WOW!! 
The lecturer, as well as some of the students, moved out. I turned around to see how many others stayed for the second lecturer and then my eyes spotted you at the very end of the class with the same yellow checkered shirt. This is something I didn't expect. My heart immediately raced like McQueen on the race track and my brain paused. You looked at me. Our eyes met like bullets piercing each other souls. It took my brain a whole minute to realize that I was staring. Embarrassed from my action, I turned around and took a deep long breath.
This isn't a Wattpad Romance Books. Stop assuming as if you had the first sight blaaa blaaa blaaa stuff. 

Day 3 AND SO ON......

Days went by like water flowing down the river.
We would pass by each other like wind passing through the leaves. No smile, No Hi, No eye contact But just a shiver which only my heartfelt. Our eyes would meet but our lips would never utter a word.
I sometimes prayed to god to stop these butterfly kind of feelings from my belly, these stupid love songs which my brain automatically played and these idiotic dance moves which my heart by default starts when it senses you.
And finally, he listened to my prayers and granted my wishes by making you absent on days, which I later on regretted. You showed up twice or thrice in a week and rest of the time you just vanished with no trace. And then when your study course got over, you left no trace but just an email which I, unfortunately, got from the record list when I was searching for mine.

I know we are strangers. You don't even know my name. You don't even know how I look like.
It took me two months to gather all the courage to just tell you Hi through this blog. It might sound insane to some people and Yes!! it is insane But, I really can't get you out of my mind. Maybe someday I can. BUT It's NOT TODAY.

P.S. If you are reading this now. The crush fever is already out of my head but I don't mind saying you Hi.

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