Shame on you

Early morning when the chilly wind was passing through my naked hands and face, making every cell of my body shiver. Sniffing, stumbling, and arranging my muffler I caught the bus(Nepal Yatayat) at 9:00 am. The bus was full of chattering youngsters in college uniforms and some people in their mid-twenties. I sat at the first and only vacant seat available. I was busy bugging into my cell phone for early news, on the other hand, teens were busy gossiping about their college stuff.

 When the bus was about to start, a lady entered carrying an infant. Without having a thought, I immediately left my seat for her. The lovely smile of the lady really satisfied my morning. I thought.

Then at the next stop, entered a man in his 60's with wrinkly old skin. A lousy woolen cap on his head and a hefty bag on his hand, he searched for a vacant seat. Poor man, every seat was occupied. He even scanned for the Senior Citizen's seat where the two gentlemen in their mid 20 were so lazy to stand up that they ignored him. Each and every youngster on the bus ignored him.

For me, this was too intolerable. I waited for a minute thinking maybe anyone could leave their seat for him. But No! Nobody stood up. Nobody spoke anything. Neither those college students nor those gentlemen and ladies. The maximum height of my exasperation spoke out loud, making me the center of attraction and tying the tongues of every fellow passengers'.

"Can anybody leave a seat for him?"

No one stood up.
None of them.
Nobody spoke.
None of them even tried to speak from their eyes.

I guess my voice was so powerful that everyone looked out at the passing roads and gazed at early morning sunshine, which they rarely noticed until they faced me.

The fury inside my soul was rising inch by inch whenever I looked at the poor man who was struggling to stand still, whose wrinkly weak hands were stretching to grab the bus straps,

After next three stops, nobody uttered a word from their mouth. The lady to whom I left my seat, got off the bus. Then immediately, I called out the old man, "Ba! You can sit here now." Stumbling towards the vacant seat. He thanked me and gave ma a light beam.

I wonder how easy it is to write an essay about "Teenage Responsibilities" or "Respect your elders" and manage to win the prizes. And, at the same time, it is so f**cking hard to just move your ass and offer your place to those feeble and fragile elders whom you just mentioned in your essay.

I hope those college teens are reading this.
I hope those men with beards on their mid 20's are going through every line.
Because next time, I won't hesitate to just click your pictures and make you famous on social media.

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