Once an Angelian, Always an Angelian

"Seriously, you people are crying, Just because you are leaving this place. Oh God!!...", that's what I said when my whole bunch of friends sobbed, but as for me, I was delighted to leave this place and was ready to experience everything as an adult.

 I did traverse every single feeling of euphoria. I went to high school, met some idiots, broke some rules, laughed out loud but most importantly, I invented the new rhythm of my heart.

If you are thinking that rhythm was a boy. NAH!! You are totally wrong. It was for LA where I learned to flaunt my wings, with some lovely angelians who made those days much more WOOHOOO!!.

When my college friends forgather to talk, all I babble about was LA.
 You might be an Angelian who is reading this, you can call me stupid for chanting the name of LA but if you left this place, you surely miss your friends and good old days spent here.

Let's get started what we Ex-Angelian really miss.

As soon as you arrived at school, you will throw your bag and rush to catch up with your friends wandering around canteen area, oval ground or hostel section. And, especially boys, you will rush out and blotter that small cricket ball or football as if you were Manchester United's marvelous shooter or Chelsea's or Real Madrid's outstanding defender.

Whenever the teachers came our way, we made a U-turn, accelerated our feet and BOOM, "We didn't see you, Sir".When our eyes spot the D.I., we used to pull our tie up and redo our hair, just so to avoid punishment. Michael Dai was the worst nightmare to every boy and so was Middle-parting tradition to girls. How can I ever forget that? OH!!God.

Do you remember that scorching heat in the General Assembly? The same assembly which was nightmares for us. But when you or one of your friends were receiving prizes, you would enjoy it and even more when Teachers announced the HOLIDAYS and most importantly, that assembly turned to be lovely, when it swallowed the first and sometimes second period (if we were really lucky).

What about bunking classes? We spend our most of time in those washrooms with broken locks rather than classes. And, singing competition, dance competition or parent's day practice were the best excuses. Some naughty little heads would even hide out in the small old house of Football Ground.
The Basketball Ground, on the other hand, was the nightmare since it was used for PT session. That excruciating PT 

When Dashain and Tihar season approached, we used to bring cards and enjoyed playing it with our friends. And we also remember that irritating monitor, who never forgot to complain to teachers.

In class, it didn't ever matter if one had a good night sleep, they would inevitably doze off in between lectures; that never seemed to have an end. Pens were most used to play tic tac toe (Alu Cross), and used for calculating those love compatibility better than any daily horoscopes, often lost OR made its way into your friend's pencil box,

How can I forget about Class Parties- where we used to bring our gadgets and capture thousands of idiotic pictures. We thought we were just having fun but who knew? That today when we look back at those memories, they will bring this immense joy and pleasant feel in our hearts.

Nobody can forget the most frequent dialogues used by girls- " Oh!! Please k", "Chyyyyyyyyaaaaaa!!!!" and the boys with their slangs(mostly that 4 letter M word).

How can you ever forget your silly crush and love life? Do you remember your puppy love during LA? Obviously, you do. When your whole bunch of friends pushed you towards your fairy tale Juliet or Romeo. Your best buddies were the one who teased you until and unless your cheeks ached due to smiling or turned red due to blushing. They were also the one who enjoyed the punishments with you. The one who got angry with you at times (let's say 1000 of times) and still ended up by your side. Whenever the enemy would arrive, they surely whispered "UH!! Herh Tero BESTFRIEND AAYO". I hope they are still your bestest buddies.


There were different trends hitting the hostel, there was a trend of playing gattachungii, badminton, etc which came and went and continued the cycle.

Maharaj Ko Jhatka, Remember? 
The clubs we bunked just to rush to the canteen to have fried momo or potato chips with wai wai. The adventures which led us to punishments were the most epic part.
The TV show nights which we waited for a week.
That huge long waiting to get butter bread after stone age and Wednesday's & Saturday's Puri Achar and Puri Tarkari respectively.
We used to bang the door of the bathroom and wait for our turn yelling "Oii, Taw pachi ko cha??" (Who is next,  after you?). When it was time for weekends or parents meeting holidays, we hung on the hostel entrance gates like Dev Das, waiting for our parents with good homemade foods.

No matter how much you say you don't miss LA, you obviously miss how wild and crazy you went just to have "MASSU BHATH"(Chicken curry and rice) on Wednesday and Saturday. Most importantly,  you will never forget the long hrs of eating Roast on GRAND DINNER. 
And LOAD SHEDDING will be the lovely benefit at that time. Don't you think?

And the memories goes on and on and on.

P.S. Please post your lovely Angelian memories/pictures in the comment section so I can feature it on this page.

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