Novels and poems were my enemies

If you don't 

like to read.

You haven't found 



When I was in 9th Grade, I used to hate poems and novels. 
It all started with "The Road Not Taken" by Robert Frost. The poem made everyone attentive and conscious whereas me it just worked opposite. It forestalled my brain, drowned my eyes, tranquilized my nerves and made my head fall on the desk.

I remember I used to joke around about how dumb people could be to love poetry and novels because for me they were words and a whole lot of words whose meanings were vague, unprecedented and vexatious. 

It was mid-summer when I was listening to Taylor Swift and my friend bumped beside me holding a sparkly girlish book named as "The Princess Diaries - Meg Cabot". By default, my soul took it as an input, programmed a code and my mouth gave an instant output,"Ewww! How can you read books which rarely contains a picture?". She looked at me with bloodshot eyes and giving me a look like an angry Vampire.  

For me those novels and poems were like nagging grandma, crying infant, annoying siblings sweaty stinky body trying to hug me. I never really understood them. I preferred to watch hrs long MOVIE rather than to read days long NOVEL. I even tried to read Nicholas Sparks, Sidney Sheldon, J.K.Rowling and even Steven Meyer but ended up sleeping by the 2nd page.

One Night when I was about to shut down my laptop, here popped up my friend's message who sent me a long poem. I replied, "Nah!! not interested". She insisted me again and again and finally I reading it's 2 lines and then I kept on reading and reading and reading until it ended. And at that time I didn't understand poetry instead I FELT IT. 

From then on I bumped into many poems from Sarah Kay, Phil Kaye, Button Poetry and all the various poetry slam in YouTube channels, which made my forestall brain attentive, drowsy eyes wide awake, tranquilize nerves active and SHIVERED NOT ONLY MY HEART BUT ENTIRE ME. 

When my final exams got over and there was nothing to do in the hostel. I scanned through my friend's book collections and bumped into "The Shadow Spell- Nora Roberts". I thought of giving it a try.

 I started at 12:45 and finished it within 48 hours. I don't know why but I never felt sleepy when I hold it in front of my eyes. It was the first thing in my morning and the last thing in my night. I didn't just like it I LOVE IT.

And from then on. Novels and Poetry became my better halves.

The Anonymous's Poetry 

I am in Love,
 It is a Strange Feeling.
Seeing her face, 
from the only creepy crevice.

I feel suffocated,
 inside the vacuum with the crack.
She overpowers this suffocated ness.

I feel lucky, 
seeing her from the crack the only crack in my captor.
They say it is a ventilator, 
to bring in air.

I know it is funny, 
but it is only me, 
who laughs off it
And they laugh at me.

They bring in food
Two times 
That is the only time,
 the filthy word comes to me.
Every day a familiar-different face,
 Cursing me.

I don't know why? 
They say I murdered my wife, 
I don't know if that is true.
 I thank them.

They shut me in, 
and now I am in love.
Every dusk I get excited,
I manage to get to black hole,
The black hole to heaven,
to my love.

Yes, she is my heaven.
Now here I am standing, staring.
Facing my love, 
I don't know if she is seeing me,
I don't care.
I just want to stare, and just stare.

She is beautifully dark,
With a peacefully face.
The face embedded, 
With wrinkles, 
Glowing Wrinkles.
Perfectly created.

They say it was GOD.
I thank him.
I don't know if she is pretty.
She is certainly beautiful.

Her silver wrinkles scattered untidily,
over her dark face.
As if moving.
Yes, She is BEAUTIFUL.

An expanse of pure black serenity, 
Breathing Peace and contentment.
She comes and waits,
 For long hours.

I pray: Her wait lasts long every day.
My wish gets fulfilled.
Every dusk,
 She comes and waits and waits.

They say her name's NIGHT.
I am in LOVE with NIGHT.
And, they say I am MAD.
I don't know what I am, Or who really am I.
I don't care because I am in LOVE

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