Mail this to heaven

Dear Ba,

 My childhood is still alive in my head. It is like the perfect movie I have been watching over and over again on the big screen. It even leaves behind the Oscar-winning movies because God was the almighty Producer. There was no scriptwriter neither songwriters nor stuntman, there was only a single person and that was ME.

I wrote my own script which is still going on, I enjoyed on my own lyrics and sang out loud, I was my own stuntman, make-up artist, stylist, and hairdresser. But, I had always your hands in mine leading me the way and teaching me how to be an all rounder. 

I remember those lazy Saturday afternoons when everyone would be either at work or taking some good nap. It was only you and me Ba who would be doing something new and spicy. I remember that part of my movie where you first taught me how to play chess, you always won in just 5 decent moves and I would start all over again because Ba you never taught me to GIVE UP. You also taught me to make that spicy "channa chatpatey" topping up with juicy lemons, green chili, and some green fresh coriander. Harking back again to that part when Dad brought me the new badminton racket set and I ran up to you, waking you up from your bed and convincing you to play with me in the garden, which we used to water together at dusk. When I was just 5 and you asked me to bring your specs to read the early morning newspaper and I ran up to your room, snatched your specs and put it on myself copying you. But now not even your specs are by my side.

I loved that warm cozy shirt of yours. When you picked me up in your arms and I would play with its buttons. When I turned 6 my legs pained like hell in the evening and yours too because of your daily aging and we then sat on our huge bed with olive oil and would massage each other's leg until our eyes were closed leading us to dreams. But, I hated your snore oh! that snorting noises which always worked as an early morning alarm clock whether it is Saturday or Sunday or Monday. And now I miss that too because I am never on time on anything Ba.

But then as I grew up, I went to boarding school leaving you but when I came back home on my weekends you were always there for me and me for you. It never longed our distance instead it brought us closer. Without changing my clothes I  always ran up to you and we talked and talked until mom dragged me out to change. This routine was never changed until one Sunday I came home and you weren't there neither your clothes nor your specs nothing. You were already called to heaven and I was late to stop you A MONTH LATE TO STOP YOU. I didn't believe no matter how many people convinced me. I neither dropped a single tear because I knew you would start crying too.

I am never alone then Ba because I know you are always by my side. I sometimes wonder what would you say about the guys I fell in love with, how would you react when those guys broke my heart and tears were all over my eyes, what lesson would you teach me when my friends betrayed me, what would you say when I scored good marks , how would you react when I received certificates and medals and most of all how will you reply me if you receive this mail .


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