I don't feel butterflies now...

I felt butterflies for him as you guys felt for somebody out there. His lingering touch, playful kisses, and a smile that seek its way up to my lips and would make it The Nile. These were the most amazing things in the whole world that existed to me. Most of all I could feel butterflies in my belly every millisecond as long as he was by my side. But who knew that God had already planned a different climax for my movie.

5th May 2015  same date but a different year where it all started with just a little bit of smile and a simple " Hi ! ". I wished I should have ended with "Hi " in exchange. Maybe God didn't want that so he made my belly butterflies float towards my heart and I ended asking about him more & more and so did he.  Who knew I'll be so lost that I didn't know when God alarmed and it was too late for me to wake up.

Time took its speed so did his heart but mine it didn't. It was stuck to feel him and to feel those butterflies again. Seconds turned into minutes, minutes into days, days into weeks then to months and to years but my heart it didn't move on and neither those tears stopped. I was kind of broken, having less sleep and less laugh with more tears instead. Then with a little effort of the tag 'Move On'  I turned my heart into a secret garden with huge walls surrounding it and turning those butterflies into bees who sting.

Who knew what was coming for me. Who knew I would be never as before....

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