From bournvita to beer

It all started at the time
when we used to drink Bourn Vita
 mixed in that stinky milk.

I don't remember 
whether it was summer or winter
whether you wore a shirt or a skirt
whether it was your birthday or mine
but I do remember it was the time
when our moms used to pin a handkerchief in our shirt's pocket
when we had our very first day to school with watery eyes
and a water bottle hung around our neck
when we didn't know what friendship is or what love is.

We four met at the time
when we had 
the most immature and the  most innocent brains
when all we knew was 
 princess' dresses, tom and jerry cartoons 
and that one extra chocolate 
reserved for you three on my birthdays.

with the growing days 
the bag became easier to carry 
and we fantastic four
entered our teenage 
with our half mature mind
with not so innocent brains
this time.

Singing out loud Ed Sheeran songs
sharing our crushes names to our nasty heartbreaks
dancing with the glass of beer
which was once filled by Bourn Vita

Graduated from high school 
now here we are:
- Spreading our wings heading to the four different direction
me in the east 
other in the west
and the other two in south and north.

- Paving paths for our 

We will be Struggling hard enough
 to fit in new places
sometimes will be breaking down,
breaking down in such a way that 
we won't have each other 
to hold our backs
to wipe our heartbreaks.

But trust me 
even though we rarely get a chance to talk 
even though in every phone call 
you will shut down your tears 
 say you are okay
and for every time you will cry in the future,
I will always wish 
that I have the right words to say
 if I don't
 just know that I care.

know that 
you people will still be my three chambers of hearts
know that 
even though your nasty girlfriends and boyfriend don't love you
I will always love you 
with too many commas and no asterisks 
I will always love you 
despite having seen you 
in your so not good haircut
despite having seen you 
with your milk teeth falling out 
making a tunnel in your mouth
despite having seen you 
poking your nose.
Not everyone could do that.

after all this

Promise me
we will be back again together
and spend our life 
like goofing idiots.

Maybe we would be dating someone
Promise me
 we won't replace each other.

Maybe we would find the right person and marry them
Promise me
 you three will be present there as my bridesmaids.

Maybe one day we won't have the same energy and strong back
Promise me 
we will dance even in those walking sticks and wheelchairs.

Maybe we won't have some of our teeth
Promise me 
we will still smile showing off the train tunnel in our mouth.

Maybe we won't be touching beer at that time
Promise me 
we will go back to our Bourn vita days again.

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