Dear Diary

The cold wind is blowing with little drops of water, outside and I am here sitting on my desk and wondering what should I do now. Shall I open my books and proceed to increase my knowledge or just keep thinking and dreaming and wondering about my future until I get tired and then finally sleep. Maybe it's this teenage thing, which hardly gives you sleep and tends to divert your mind to over thinking.

Every dropping water from that dark cotton balls above my head makes me worried that time doesn't wait for anyone. But, I say maybe they are referring to the coming moment which is on its way with my hard yet beautiful, shimmering and adventurous opportunities. Maybe.

My dearest buddies Dristi and along with her Shivali . They are the two sides of the coin which I always keep near to my heart. When my heart shivers like a stray dog on a winter weather and says "I am thumping like METAL, I can't calm down". The coin shakes me up and tells me to enjoy it with the rain, dance in it, feel it and play along with it because a day will come when you will look back at these moments and say that IT WAS TOUGH YET WE ENJOYED IT and you won't regret a bit. Life is like a MUSIC it sometimes plays R&B, sometimes COUNTRY and sometimes moves your feet on the floor playing the HIP HOP beats. 

Those two people who brought the positive ray to my thundering monsoon always said " Life is so similar as a surprise box on SUBWAY SURFER you never know what you get. All you need to do is enjoy and accept it because suweeeiii EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON .".

missing you D&S. 

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