Half and Half

When the rain and the sun are too busy sharing
their pain with droplets
and a hint of sunshine 
forgets to care about you and your umbrella
I will always be there with mine
sharing it with you.
Just like
Half and Half.

My umbrella won't be big like
a rainbow 
protecting us from every single drop
I promise 
I will always forget my other half 
and protect your half.

When your problems march in your life
like a fuming fire
burning every inch of your skin
I will make sure to join you,
share your burnings
share your pain.
Like half and a half.

When you are confused 
and stuck 
Stuck to find your missing puzzle piece 
of happiness
I will make sure to take my piece
of my happiness
and fix it in yours.
Just like Half and Half 
which were meant to be with
each other.

After all your problems are fixed
your burnings are healed
and you find you missing piece.
I will make sure to take my half back
to me
so that it won't be in the middle.

 And if someday
if we ever cross paths again
under the same heavy tears from clouds
I promise to share my shelter with you
It's not that big and 
I can't even promise if we can fit together
But I promise we will fit 
half and half
Half  will be drenched in tears
the other half will be sharing the warmth.

Half and Half.

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